Same Destiny [EP]

by Kisnou



Hi everyone, Kisnou here!
I'm really glad to present you my new EP "Same Destiny", made up of 6 songs.

First of all, let me say "thanks" to you all: we've reached 2k followers on Soundcloud and it's just incredible! I still remember one year ago when I celebrated my 100 followers..
I promise you that you'll only get better music in the future and I hope you can hear the progress I made listening to this album.
Thank you.

~Important announcement: I opened my official patreon page. I want to make music production my full time job, because it's what I love and what I want to do for the rest of my life (that's why I'm going to a music academy!). But only you can make it happen. I'd also like to organize some events, remix competitions or even start a little label. Everything you donate will also sustain my production. I'll try to give you better rewards, so I'm open to suggestions! It means a lot to me, and if you want to help, please click here:

Then, special thanks go to:
-Derek Joel. He helped me a lot with the mixing part of this album and he's also an amazing singer. I'm glad he didn't get annoyed by my horrible perfectionism. Thank you man <3
-TheXviews, or Noel, that has made the wonderful artworks of this album. Be sure to check him out since he makes really good stuff!
-Enzalla, that was the precious pair of ears to ensure that everything was alright. If you don't know his stuff, where have you been?
-And of course, thanks to all the amazing vocalists!


released November 14, 2016


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Kisnou Italy

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Track Name: Kisnou - Secrets Of Mine (ft. Derek Joel)
I swear that I intended to tell you
But the words they just slipped my mind
I guess you know I wasn't alone in the bedroom
Please allow me to tell you why

Every word you're speaking yea Ive heard it all before
Lines in your eyes tell me time has done you wrong
And I'm the only one left you thought you could call

Truth be told I can never tell you why
Ignore all the thoughts racing through your mind
Everything's gonna be just fine
Dirty little secrets of mine

I knew Id hurt but I couldn't help it I tried
I swear to God that Im not the bad guy though I lied
And it may not feel like it but I did it for you
I'll be your fortress and I'll be your solace
But I can't be there all the time
Just don't ask me not to lie
And everything gonna be fine
I swear all this to you
Dirty little secrets of mine
Track Name: Kisnou - Within My Dreams (ft. Bella Goldwin)
Once more, I fall through the cracks again
Saved by your reaching hand
Let down, by everyone I know
You are the one who completes me
and I know as everyday passes
that you aren't real, am I just imagining
I will find you within my dreams
If only you were real to me

Every step I take brings me
Closer to you
Fading Lost
My heart yearns for you
Show me how you dreamers move
Track Name: Kisnou - Across The Sky (ft. Progley)
We can fly across the sky
You and I
We can dance into the night
Hold on tight
Paint your dreams on the ceiling
I know you can't escape this feeling.
This feeling

When you close your beautiful eyes
Let your fantasies come alive
In your dreams I will sing to you
I will show you
You'll never be alone

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